Liberamente Living Room, Photo © Scavolini

SCAVOLINI, one of the biggest players in the kitchen industry, backed by the outstanding success of its core business, i.e. fitted kitchens, and by its entry into the bathroom industry in 2012, has since 2015 also offered an extensive collection of Living rooms, comprising an exhaustive range of combinations to furnish the living room affording the utmost versatility, practicality and style.

With its Living room solutions, Scavolini has also pooled its wealth of expertise and excellence in the design field into the living room, guaranteeing customers a wide product range, along with the quality and customization typically found in its Kitchen and Bathroom collections, whose shared strengths lie in the ultimate modularity, multiple finishes and colours available and in the painstaking care for details, all features which make up the very DNA of SCAVOLINI.
Liberamente Living Room, Photo © Scavolini

Another plus entails the unprecedented offering of decorative rugs which complement and match the styling offering thanks to elegant and exclusive accessories, which are designed to lend settings harmony and become ideal bridges between various styles.
Seamlessness, sociability, modularity and customization are the key words to describe this collection, which was launched to accommodate the latest trends in the concept of “living”, marked by a clear passage from a «fragmented» home to an «integrated» total living home, where the kitchen and living room merge into one.
Liberamente Living Room, Photo © Scavolini

The offering includes living rooms integrated into the kitchen as well as independent living rooms: the choice between the two options may be determined by several factors, such as the type of setting, the available space and personal style too.
The integrated solutions make it possible to add styling value to the continuity between the kitchen silhouette and the shapes of the living room: this makes for a multi-functional setting, where everything is within easy reach and where toil and relaxation cohabit thanks to order, functional storage and uniform modules and spaces.
Mood Living Room, Photo © Scavolini

The independent solutions on the other hand offer the opportunity to make up the living room according to one’s individual desires, without «ties”. These are ideal solutions to guarantee an identity by opting for separate spaces where different styles can be retained or, instead, to decide to combine the living room with the kitchen in another room.
SCAVOLINI’s product range is designed to create settings that are capable of concurrently accommodating functional and styling requirements, by adapting to both large dimensions as well as compact and bijoux settings.
Mood Living Room, Photo © Scavolini

It entails a multifarious range which, thanks to the “Fluida” and “Metro” Wall Systems or by combining individual elements, allows the design of multiple living room solutions, including unprecedented designs, such as free-standing partition bookcases or integrated settings with work and study corners.
An extensive selection of base units and wall units (open-fronted or with hinged doors, top and bottom hinged flap doors or with pull-out drawers/baskets), shelves and larder units, tops and shelves, living room wall panels and TV support panels (also fitted with LED lighting) to choose from, hallmarked by total personalization. The large number of elements available can be installed floor-standing or wall-mounted, for maximum freedom of composition.
Mood Living Room, Photo © Scavolini

The collection is completed by a broad range of colours and finishes – including decorative melamine, glossy and matt lacquered, veneered, and Fenix NTM® – the sophisticated materials, the attention to detail in every single element, which are all characteristics that represent the foundation of quality Made in Italy that has always distinguished all SCAVOLINI collections.

Integrated Living room solutions:

“FLUIDRA” wall system kitchen module

It is a modular load-bearing panel system that integrates with the kitchen with the same module, shapes and alignments. The side panels and shelves create a regular fabric of vertical and horizontal lines that offer plenty of potential for customization thanks to open-fronted elements, wall panels, hinged door closing systems, baskets and top and bottom hinged flap doors. The module of the kitchen’s horizontal elements sets the alignments of the living area with precise optical striking simplicity and functional intelligence.

Modular storage Units

In this case the arrangement is not uniform, but it still links into and matches the mood and shapes of the kitchen. Base units rise dynamically towards unusual interior design solutions. An upward motion that starts from the floor to meet all the home’s needs, with cleverly judged use of varying heights. Shapes, colours and creative ideas for designing compositions freely and without restrictions.

Independent Living room solutions:

“FLUIDRA” wall system kitchen module

In this solution, the system is implemented to create a living room in keeping with the kitchen module, yet independent from it. Maximum freedom of composition, for a dynamic and irregular modularity, in a game of blocks and voids.

“FLUIDA” wall system 365 module

In this solution, the regularity of the 365 module has the advantage of harmonizing vertical and horizontal lines with every type of door and opening. It is the ideal solution to create rooms where the kitchen cohabits with the living room without getting mixed up.

Modular storage units

Storage modules with absolute freedom of composition, with none of the constraints that come from integration with the kitchen. Spaces can be made special with creativity since every solution is elegant and precise, but shaped by the inventiveness of those wishing to overturn conventions. Innovative solutions, including a large shelf at ground level, for a young and trendy design concept.

“Metro” wall system

A feisty and functional structure that frames spaces with incisiveness to enjoy settings packed with modernity and at the same time comfort. The Aluminium structure allows attractive games of blocks and voids to be generated, forming an interesting alternative to the modularity of the living room.

Everyday Living: decorative rugs

SCAVOLINI Living Rooms are completed by the dedicated rug catalogue, comprising elegant and exclusive accessories, which are designed to lend settings harmony and become ideal bridges between various styles, for new furnishing ideas.
The charm of timeless tradition, the latest design trends, the natural qualities of vegetable silk and of wool, weave together perfectly to make up the four collections available:

√ Travel, entirely hand-crafted, draws its inspiration from Turkey, joining portions of old wool rugs put together like patchwork and dyed in new colours;

Decorative rugs / Tappeti Travel, Photo © Scavolini

√ Velvet Skin, a vintage-look plain colour with a bold chromatic impact and velvety soft to the touch, is made of 100% pure vegetable silk;

Decorative rugs / Tappeti Velvet Skin, Photo © Scavolini

√ Moving, a genuine range that incorporates the stylistic archetypes in 12 amazing patterns;

Decorative rugs / Tappeti Moving, Photo © Scavolini

Decorative rugs / Tappeti Moving, Photo © Scavolini

√ Lounge, perfect for the kitchen, is distinguished by a dry and simple design provided by five different textures woven together.

Decorative rugs / Tappeti Lounge, Photo © Scavolini

Decorative rugs / Tappeti Lounge, Photo © Scavolini

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